The struggle is
part of the story
  • Digital Exhibition
  • Led by Julia Albrecht
  • Photographic storytelling
  • Bauhaus-University Weimar
  • SoSe 2020

We often have a story of our own that captivates us and we would like to set free: A passion that inspires us to create the best photographic stories. But how do I recognize the right moment for my story? Sometimes it takes a certain amount of persistence and ambition for a topic. Patience is required and careful observation of one's own environment. You have to learn to recognize the story in everyday life, or you plan it and stage it in the appropriate setting. The course took place every week, at regular intervals. In the beginning, technical foundations and various models of photographic storytelling were reviewed with the goal of establishing a common basis amongst the students. From the start of the course, students had to identify and further develop their own story during the semester.

This interdisciplinary course illustrated the aspects of photographic storytelling and paved the way for the students to express their own allegory, conflicts, topics or circumstances. Stories of a different nature have emerged.

In the work of media science student Emilia Haar, we have a visual conversation of memories.
“Saudade - How much do you miss me?” represents a photographic approach of making this term visually tangible. Haar's diptychs depict two pairs of images as a juxtaposition of distance and proximity as well as past and present. Another work by architecture student Luisa Behrendt, “Dear Perception”, deals with processes of human perception., which were inspired by a quote from Rémy Zaugg, “The Cunning of Innocence”. Henry Boebst, who is based in visual communication, deals with the current pandemic and illustrates how it is experienced from an individual's perspective.

In this exhibition, 14 different positions of storytelling can be found. Each one is a kind of personal discourse with theirself and the environment. Alway in the spirit of the title - The struggle is part of the story.

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This course was developed within the framework of the Bauhaus University Weimar and the courses of the Bauhaus.Module.